“Queen Bubbles is a soulful artist way beyond the parameters of circus performance. I worked with her many times at all hours of the day including before sunrise. Her bubbles are reminiscent of souls tiny in the beginning, getting bigger and raising to the heavens.”


               Tibor Szabo, Photographer, Artist, Musician, San Francisco, US

               The Foreign Lens, Art Salon, SF

“Queen Bubbles is an excellent performer with great work ethics. After many collaborations I’m very much looking forward to work with Queen Bubbles again.”

               Carl Grasham, event manager & photographer, Los Angeles, US

“Brilliant show, great entertainment, very recommended!”

               Bastian Schmidt, private school party, Berlin, Germany

“Amazing show, never have seen such huge bubbles before! The kids loved it, both small and big!”

               Tobias Heger, birthday party, Mainz Germany

Magazine Süddeutsche Zeitung “Schaumträume”, Palermo, Italy  📷




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