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In 2013, before I knew giant soap bubbles even existed, I had had a dream at night. In my dream, I made big soap bubbles. I could touch their membrane without breaking them. I could turn them around, make their membrane more dense and form toys out of them.


This was one of the most beautiful dreams of my life. A couple weeks later a friend wrote me saying: “Hey, I’m gonna visit you next week.” “Great!” I said. “Will be nice to see you again. What are you up to these days?” He replied: “I make bubbles.” Yes!! Happy conglomeration of events, happy me. Once I’ve seen the first big bubble in real life, I immediately fell in love with bubbles and my passion for soap bubble art was born –  thanks to my friend.

The next couple of days we spent making bubbles, juggling, acting and performing on the street.



Ever since then I have experimented with different ingredients and developed my own bubble solution, being inspired by the aim to create a soap bubble as huge as possible. By now, the giant soap bubble tubes gain a length bigger than 10 meters, with the biggest bubble being over 25 meters long. The largest free-floating bubble had a diameter of approximately 5 meters, the largest open bubble a diameter of over 6 meters. And I’m sure they can get even bigger!



Today I still build new bubble equipment and explore new ideas to enhance the soap bubble street show. Although different weather conditions have some influence on soap bubble art when performed on the street, the solution has survived so far a large variety of climates. The wind can be a challenge, nevertheless is a great assistant – when a good technique is used.



Every time I start a soap bubble street performance, it feels like the very first time I’ve seen a soap bubble.




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